July 7, 2018


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Language Skills:
OLS – Online Linguistic Support – C2 according to CEFR (ERASMUS+)

Language Proficiency Form – University of Évora – Based on work knowledge in course at the institution, certification for study English abroad.

Computer Skills:

Personal Skills:
Curiosity: Sometimes I can seem skeptical, not by pretention, but by pure constructive critical spirit, because curious, I like methodically take any question to the last point.
Professional Skills:

Communication: Throught all the places where I was given professional and academic experience, communication was always a key factor, it is therefore an essential competence in any area. I note that in my professional and intellectual practice this ability is an asset that has been developing more and more in me.

Daring & Ambition: Wherever, I will always be looking for “more”. Thisty for knowledge and understanding. I like to discover the whys. Achieving my goals and getting where I want are part of the struggle of my daily life as revealed throughout my academic career, training and professional experience, rich in variety – a trump card that accompanies me.

Driver License: B, B1